Vanderbilt Football Recruiting the Night King


With the new season only days away, Vanderbilt football coach Derek Mason is still hard at work on the recruiting trail.  Following this season, Kyle Shurmur, will only have one year of eligibility remaining.  But Mason believes he’s found the perfect replacement.  

Mason, like everyone else on the planet, is a Game of Thrones fan; however, he does not watch the program for entertainment alone.  Like any dedicated football guy, he is always on the lookout for potential recruits.  After seeing the arm strength the Night King used to bring down a dragon, Mason was certain that he is the quarterback of the future for Vanderbilt.  When asked for a comment Mason said, “If the Night King can do that with a heavy spear made of ice in brutal weather conditions, just think of what he could do slinging the pigskin around on a sunny Saturday in Nashville.”  Offensive coordinator, Andy Ludwig, is already busy redesigning the playbook to feature only Hail Mary passes.  

Mason is also interested in the Night King’s resurrecting power to generate an army of fans to fill the stadium weekend after weekend.  He is confident the dead have what it takes to get “Vandy Loud!”  

  • August 25, 2017