Shocking: Pornstar Has Cross Tattoo


During a film shoot last week, it was revealed that 20-year-old pornographic actress Brittany Showers has a cross tattoo. Many associate the cross symbol with the religion of Christianity, and Showers’ appropriation of the symbol has sparked outrage in both the communities of pornography and Christianity.

“I just don’t know why she got it,” said pornographic film producer Ben Strogan. “It’s not like we make kinky, Christian porn here.” †

“Does she think she’s spreading the Word of God?” asked David Brothers, chief spokesman for the Vatican. “She’s definitely spreading something. But it’s not the Word of God.”

The online comments on recent videos of Ms. Showers’ also reflect growing frustration among her fans. “Jesus should only be an exclamation in porno,” and, “Did she mean to get a plus sign and screw up?” rank as the most popular comments on the her latest film, each receiving over 200 upvotes.

Ms. Showers’ office declined The Slant’s request for an interview, instead issuing a statement that reads “Philips 4:13, Let him who is without sin throw the first stone.” This attempt at Biblical reference, much like Ms. Showers’ combination of profession and tattoo, has been met with sharp criticism.

† Editor’s Note: Mr. Strogan contacted our office to clarify that his company, in fact, produces great amounts of “kinky porn,” just none that intentionally makes use of religion.


  • March 16, 2017