Tim Corbin Offers Scholarship to 5-year-old Tee-Ball Star


Young prodigies have always attracted attention in sports.  LeBron’s 10-year-old son has been contacted by D1 schools, the Ball kid’s have a “billion dollar” brand, and, most recently, Alabama offered a scholarship to 6’4”, 286 lb 8th grade football prospect.  This one might top them all.

Frankie Garcia, 5-year-old native of Omaha, was recently visited by Vanderbilt head coach, Tim Corbin.  Corbin first took notice of Garcia during the Commodore’s 2015 visit to the College World Series.  While passing by a local tee-ball field, the 3-year-old made one of the best plays Corbin had ever seen.  With the ball at the base of the wall, Garcia gunned down the runner aiming for an inside the park home run.  “It was like watching Bo Jackson, but instead of a grown man, it was a kid that’s barely potty trained” said Corbin.  From that point on Corbin knew he had to keep a close eye on Garcia.

During his U5 season in tee ball, Garcia hit an eye-popping 0.787 from the plate with 85 home runs and 200 RBIs shattering league records.  Corbin believes that Garcia could go down as one of Vandy’s greatest athletes of all time, joining former NFL star Jay Cutler, Cy Young winner David Price, and Bachelorette winner Jordan Rodgers.




  • August 25, 2017