Vanderbilt Football could be at Risk of Losing Another Key Player to a Highly Competitive Career Outside of Football


Vanderbilt football could be at risk of losing another key player to a highly competitive career outside of football.  Two years ago Vanderbilt football lost starting quarterback, Patton Robinette, after his decision to attend medical school.  This year, tight end Sam Dobbs is being heavily recruited to lead Amazon’s drone delivery service.

Dobbs and his drone initially gained fame for filming the viral parody sorority recruitment created by several players of the football team.  While Amazon took notice of Dobbs after the recruitment video, it wasn’t until a few months on the Fourth of July later that they began to consider him for the position.  In what company officials declared a “commitment to ontime delivery and customer convenience”, Sam Dobbs flew his drone into a large crowd of people during Nashville’s Let Freedom Ring Ceremony.  One company official said, “We really respect Sam’s fearlessness and head-on approach to drone piloting. That is the attitude we are looking for when hiring someone to head up our drone delivery service.”  If customers can get their packages quicker and delivered right to them, will they really care whether or not the drone wreaks havoc on the rest of the public?

Unfortunately Nashville Metro Police did not see the potential that Amazon saw, and they charged Dobbs with a misdemeanor — reckless endangerment — for landing his drone in a crowd of people. However, Amazon has discredited this charge, claiming that the future of delivery services will be heralded by casualties.

  • August 27, 2017