A Slanted Review: Game of Thrones


The show Game of Thrones has received much critical acclaim, but I can tell that there is much lacking on this Showtime drama. This show has aired for years, yet little time has seemed to pass; it’s still not winter in the world of Game of Thrones, despite everyone’s anticipation. 

Furthermore, Game of Thrones isn’t even realistic. The dragons look absolutely fake, and how could a human woman like Dannyres give birth to dragons? The beastiality on this show is absolutely disgusting. Also, why would people have a red wedding?  Brides should always wear white at their wedding, but Game of Thrones is trying to break centuries-old tradition with their crazy weddings. 

Moreover, this show is ridiculously complicated. There are twenty houses, each with their own motto, saying, and corrupt set of morals. No one wants to keep up with all of the various Lannisters and Yorks because no one cares about the War of the Roses, and it seems extremely historically inaccurate anyways. Also, this show promotes terrible family values, such as underage sex and incest. Children watching the show may come away with ideas that it is okay to keep wolves as pets and bone their siblings. 

There do seem to be some upsides to this show, though. The ridiculously large cast gives them opportunities for diversity, employing a small man and many women. There are many women breaking gender stereotypes by being just as brutal and morally deficient as the men. However, racial diversity seems to be lacking, for even the ghost demons are white. 

Game of Thrones is an inappropriate, weak attempt at educating children on the history of the War of the Roses that tries to brainwash children into being violent and incestuous. The title of the show isn’t even accurate, as everyone is playing for a throne, singular, not thrones, and it doesn’t even look like a nice throne because the king or queen would get some spikes up their ass. 


  • April 29, 2016