Report: Dores Divest President Takes a Job at McKinsey Following Graduation


By Meghan Halvey

After four strong years in and out of the classroom, Dores Divest president Charlotte “Char” Latan has accepted an offer to join the renowned consulting firm McKinsey & Company. Latan will be the third consecutive Dores Divest president to follow her time fighting injustices on campus by doing hard-hitting work at McKinsey. Previous presidents have already had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of working with Purdue Pharma. This will reportedly make her the 843rd social-impact-focused Vanderbilt student from the class of 2024 to realize that going into management consulting is the most surefire way to contribute to a better future.

During her time as president of Divest, Latan fought hard to draw attention to the truly important issues on campus, dedicating hundreds of hours and an entire paragraph on her resumé to her guerilla-esque protesting against Vanderbilt’s investment in Fossil Fuels. In an exclusive interview with The Slant, Latan fondly recalled her inaugural Dores Divest event, where she pursued Chancellor Diermeier in an inflatable dinosaur suit for a persistent 35-minutes, relenting only when he retreated to his office. It was only a month later that Al Gore came to speak to the org, wherein she realized that social impact work was what she truly wanted to dedicate her life to. Latan promised to dedicate her life to continuing the battle she started those years ago,  telling our reporter she will “absolutely apply what I learned from Dores Divest to my future job, well, my job after McKinsey. I have to work there for at least five years to gain valuable experience – and make money – first, obviously.” Based on the actions of every other Vanderbilt student with moral convictions who has made such a claim, Latan’s prediction seems even less likely than Vanderbilt divesting. 

As put by Latan herself, the “hypocrisy of an institution such as Vanderbilt – an educational institution that claims to be investing in the future of their students and the future of our world – investing in fossil fuels, is disgusting. How can they not see this duplicity?” After graduation, she will be working as an associate in the Risk and Compliance Department at McKinsey. 

  • January 23, 2024