Post-Final Celebration Brownies


After an arduous two hours of your Multivariable Calculus final, it’s time to celebrate. Break out your apron with The Slant and join us in baking brownies that will make you forget your worries. 

1 box your favorite brownie mix.

2 eggs

2 sticks real butter

½ cup almond milk

2 parts bud, coarsely chopped

1 part fire 

8 ounces Taaka

1 Red Bull

1. Boil Taaka in a saucepan. Use hot Taaka to clean your cake pan very well. Did you expect it in the actual brownies? You may have just failed a class, but you aren’t that shambly (but you can always add a little to the batter if you’re feeling spicy).

2. Make your brownie mix according to the directions on the box. You could be fancy and try to make it from scratch, but that may be more than your finals-addled brain can take. Use real butter. Treat yo ‘self.

3. Make sure you use almond milk, though, to be courteous of your dairy-free friends.

4. Add your chopped bud and fire. Many people interpret this as Fireball, but this writer prefers Hot Tamales.

5. Bake halfway. Pour your Red Bull on top when it starts to set up for that wide-awake high.

6. Enjoy your distraction. Only four more finals to go!

  • April 20, 2016