Vanderbilt Women’s Bowling Celebrates 10th anniversary of National Championship with Cosmic Bowling


Vanderbilt Women’s Bowling will finally get the recognition it deserves this weekend. The university will welcome back some of the school’s finest athletes for a celebration of the ages.

While Vanderbilt has been spoiled with the baseball and Women’s tennis teams bringing home titles in recent years, people always forget that there was only one national champion before that. Most upperclassmen fondly remember their tour guide asking who knew the only national champion in school history. The tour guides always took a few wrong answers before proudly shocking the crowd with the news it was the Women’s Bowling Team.

Now just ten years later, the bowling team is getting recognized for their accomplishment. On Friday night, the old team will join current players and coaches for a night out at Franklin Lanes. Vanderbilt Athletic Director, David Williams, said the players will get a stipend to spend on either nachos or pizza with a small drink included. When asked what he was most excited for on this illustrious night, Williams did not take long to answer. “It has to be Cosmic Bowling. When the lights go down and music turns up you know it’s going to be a rowdy night for the team,” said Williams.

Coaches say that the players will also get to use glow in the dark balls and will receive 10 tokens for the arcade. For some this might evoke memories of the night the team actually won the championship, when the team celebrated with a crowd of 781 fans at the venue’s concession stand. Though the stand ran out of hot dogs, it was still an incredible night.

No word yet on if Vandy Fanatics will offer up the experience to devoted Vanderbilt Bowling fans. Even if this doesn’t happen, Vandy Bowling fans can be sure to catch the team on ESPN 8 “The Ocho” later this winter.


Written by Connor Perlin & Thomas Rice

  • September 11, 2017