Around the Loop: What Are Your Valentine’s Day Plans?


Restaurants are booked up, and midterms are upon us, so it’s officially one of the best holidays of the year. We checked in with some students to ask, “What are your Valentine’s Day plans?”


“Fucking your mom.”


“First, my boyfriend and I are getting a bagel brunch, so obviously I’ll Instagram a pic of my boyf and our plates with the hashtag #baegoals (like bagels, get it???). At night, we’re going out to dinner, so I’ll Instagram another picture of my food, and then we’re getting ice cream so I’ll probably caption that one “Cone you feel the love tonight?” and then we’ll take a walk in the park….”


“Breaking up with my girlfriend and praying she doesn’t Instagram it.”

Nathan Thompson, high school senior

“What are my plans? Uh, I’m totally having sex with my girlfriend. You wouldn’t know her though, she goes to a different school…She’s wicked hot though, for sure.”

Oil Drum Fire Pit

“Tonight’s my biggest night of the year! I’ve been preparing for this day since Election Day. I’m going to see a lot of pictures of exes this year; it’s been a pretty bitter one.”

The Void

“Just listening to the screams of Earth’s lonely, desperate souls, as per usual.”

  • February 14, 2017