Steal His Look: President James K. Polk


It’s President’s Day, everyone: the best time of year to appreciate our nation’s history. What better way to do so than to dress like one of the hottest and most fashionable presidents, James K. Polk? Here are some sexy tips to spice up your look and flaunt your stuff just like JKP.

1) Sports Jacket

James K. was known to be a snazzy dresser, and no outfit aspiring to steal his look would be complete without his signature piece, a slim fit sport coat.

2) Change your campaign slogan to “54° 40’ or Fight”

No one will take you seriously in your attempt to emulate James K. Polk if your campaign slogan isn’t the same as his. “54° 40’ or Fight” was part of the “je ne sais quois” that made Polk a sex icon, and you need to bring that same fire.

3) Do not actually invade Canada

Polk failed in gaining the entire Oregon Territory as promised in his campaign (politicians, am I right?). Does this mean that you should invade to finish the job? NO. Do not invade Canada. James K. Polk didn’t do it, so neither should you. Also, it’s treason.

4) Go to War with Mexico

Although invading Canada will make you look like a dumb wannabe James K., invading Mexico would be a surefire way to nail his style. First, give the territories of California and the American Southwest back to the Mexicans. Next, take back the land through an unnecessary land war.

5) Intolerance

James K. Polk was a racist and intolerant man. To steal his look, be afraid of people who are different than you!

6) No Facial Hair

James K. Polk was always clean shaven. Never so much as a hair would crawl on his beautiful face, so much so that his nickname was “Clean Shaven James.”  Earn the nickname “Clean Shaven James” to be just like your hero.

7) Socks

James K. Polk always wore socks.

  • February 20, 2017