Vandy Football Presents Bain Consulting for the Upcoming Football Game Halftime Show


In an effort to improve its game day experience, Vanderbilt is bringing the people what they want: more consulting. Vanderbilt has announced that Bain will participate in an information session on the field during halftime.

It’s no secret that Vanderbilt has struggled with attendance at its athletic events. Sure, people tire themselves out at tailgates and others do not like football, but a lot of people still go to the games, right? Wrong. According to sources, thousands of students were still waiting in line to talk to a Bain recruiter and missed Vanderbilt’s last home game. The source cited that over 3,000 Vanderbilt students attended Bain’s info session last week alone, crushing its previous attendance record of 2,745 people from 2016.

Recently, the Vanderbilt Athletic Department provided details on what the event will look like. The experience will essentially be Anchor Dash for upperclassmen; students will be allowed to run onto the field, bow and pay their respects to the Bain recruiters, grab a business card, and leave the field. Athletic Director David Williams said, “we’re always trying to help the students have a great time. That’s also why we’re probably moving the football stadium off campus.”

The athletic director is not the only one taking notice of the recruiting success. Coach Derek Mason has hired Bain to consult on his recruiting tactics. The initial results are promising as the top ten recruits are suddenly considering Vanderbilt. The consultants say it has nothing to do with rumored offers of free Mercedes.

  • September 14, 2017