Six Game Day Snacks to Make for Your Man to Show You’re Sporty but Still Domestic AF


It’s almost time for the Superbowl, your man’s favorite day of the year. He and all his bros get together to scream at the TV, while you get to provide enough food to satisfy them throughout the entire day without actually getting a chance to watch the game itself. Isn’t that fun?! Here are some exciting snacks you can make for your man so you can prove to him that not only are you super sporty, but you’re also still domestic AF.


5 Layer Dip

A classic snack for football, this five-layer dip is not only delicious, but easy to toss together while you look effortlessly put together. Layers of refried beans, salsa, sour cream, guacamole, cheese will meld together into a yummy cement that is thick enough to break a chip, but not the glass ceiling.


Pigs in a Blanket

These mini wrapped wieners will not only satisfy your man’s hunger cravings, but they’ll also give you the perfect opportunity to show off your football trivia knowledge. “Hey sweetie,” you’ll say to your man, “speaking of pigs in a blanket, did you know that the first footballs used to be made out of pig skin?” “That’s nice honey,” he’ll say, “now can you go grab us some mustard for these?”


Jalapeno Poppers

These zesty treats pack quite a kick – just like Matt Bryant the kicker for the Falcons, whose name you just Googled on your phone. When your man and his bros leave one popper left on the tray, you’ll eat it to prove you can handle the spice, because you can totally be just one of the guys. You will not be able to handle the spice, however, and you will immediately start tearing up. Or are those just your female hormones? It can be so hard to tell sometimes.


Totinos Pizza Rolls

When your man has been eating all day and is still hungry for more, pizza rolls are the perfect bite-sized snack to offer. They also give you the chance to toss those bite-sized morsels like a football into his mouth while yelling “22 – 43 – 17 – HIKE!” He will not catch it in his mouth, and it will instead stain your couch so badly, it will take you two hours and four spot cleaning treatments to get it off while your man plays Madden and pointedly does not offer to help.

Potato Skins

Loaded potato skins are not only delicious, but relevant to the occasion! “Because honey,” you’ll say, “speaking of potato skins, did you know that the first footballs used to be made out of pig skin?” To which he’ll reply, “Babe you already said that.”

Buffalo Chicken Wings

Chicken wings, in addition to being tasty and fun, give your man and his bros a way to feel even more masculine. As they use their teeth to rip the flesh from the bone of a dead carcass, your man will come as close as he can to feeling the raw power and essence of violence that the football players he idolizes feel during the Superbowl. You will prepare these vehicles to manliness for him in those 4 inch heels he just loves on you and an apron that says “Will Cook For Shoes”. What a great day for you both!

  • February 4, 2017