Following the lead of the brave authentic Cherokee Indian Elizabeth Warren, SAE brother Spencer Hawthorne released his DNA test from MinorityAndMe this past week, revealing traces of GDI ancestry. “I was hoping to see some kind of cool result, like 20% black so I could start saying the n-word in...

  • November 13, 2018

WARNING: This article contains graphic content some audiences may find disturbing. Reader discretion is advised. I always knew my time would come to kick the bucket, but I always imagined it being on a comfortable hospital bed surrounded by my wife and kids. I certainly never thought it would happen...

  • November 11, 2018

As part of a new initiative for the 2018-2019 school year, Vanderbilt Dining rolled out new meat alternatives (*insert heavy vegan breathing*) in all of its eateries campus-wide. The Blended Burger and the Impossible Burger serve as the poster sandwiches for this initiative, the Hall & Oates of the culinary...

  • November 2, 2018