“The Letter ‘K’ is Totally Out,” Says Cathryn with a “C”


Sometimes the path to self-discovery leads us places we’ve never imagined. 

“I just needed a change,” said Cathryn (21, formerly Kathryn) when confronted with the familiar question of “why?”

“I needed to forge my own identity.” In a recent interview with Time Magazine, Cathryn explained the bold choice to completely overhaul her identity. “I’m not just another Kathryn (with a ‘K,’ that is). I’m someone unique—I’m Cathryn now.” 

This young student embarked on her journey three years ago. When she entered Vanderbilt University as a wide-eyed freshman, Cathryn had to make sure her time in college would be everything she dreamed it would be. So, in order to fast-track her social life, she rushed all twelve sororities on campus. She ended up taking a pledge at the elusive Kappa Kaptains. She felt on top of the world. 

But the triumph was short-lived for the new Kappa sister when she met her sorority Big, Kathryn. The two had the same name—sounded the same, and more importantly, spelled the same. Matters only got worse for Cathryn when she found out that there were a total of four Kathryns in her pledge class alone. She felt dejected, demoralized and worst of all, ordinary. 

After trying everything she could to make her own identity (wearing stylish new clothes, experimenting with her sexuality, going vegan), Cathryn realized that there was only one way she could ever truly stand out in her sorority. She needed to change her name. 

“I know it might seem silly,” Cathryn said, “but this change has completely fixed my life.”

After changing her Instagram username to fit her new identity, Cathryn reportedly amassed an astonishing 700 new followers, catapulting her self-esteem to new heights that Kathryn with a K could have never imagined. Not only that, but she was voted Recruitment Chair of her sorority, and she was finally able to get her friend-with-benefits, Gully Hender, to commit to a relationship. Needless to say, she’s happier than she’s ever been. 

“I want to encourage anyone else out there struggling with their identity: become unique, change your name and, who knows? Maybe all your problems will go away, too.” 

  • February 22, 2023