“I can’t wait to get a bid so I can go back to being my regular shitty self”

A fraternity gathering 

God, I can’t wait to get into one of these frats so I can be myself again.  This whole rush thing is so fucking superficial. I spend every rush event being fake nice to strangers and I can’t figure out if it’ll even be worth it.  I just want to be an asshole again. Is that seriously too much to ask?

Every time I go to Greek Row, it’s this whole ordeal.  I have to smile and shake like fifty hands while I explain to ten people that I’m not really from the city of Chicago, but that it’d be too complicated to describe where I actually live.  Honestly, I really couldn’t give two shits if they know I’m a pre-med bio major, because I’m probably gonna be in HOD by next semester, and besides, I forgot their names the second they told them to me.

Half the time I end up thinking another group of rushes are actual brothers, and then I waste like twenty minutes right there brown-nosing these random guys.  Even worse is now I have to remember five more names for when I walk past them in commons so I don’t seem like an asshole. I might as well start making quizlets to keep up.  Sometimes other rushes think I’m in the frat, which might be worse because then I need to stop them mid-sentence and explain how I don’t really care what they’re saying and that they should probably introduce themselves to someone who’s an actual brother.  I’m fine getting my dick sucked, but it’s only fair to let them know that complimenting my pong skills isn’t gonna help them get into the frat.

So ya, I’m a bit sick of repressing my inner mean-spirited prick because I want to tell that brother how little I care and how much more his free beer means than his friendship.  Jesus, I better get a bid soon, cause I’m not sure I can get up at 5am again to shotgun another warm Natty Light before no one watches our team lose.

  • October 25, 2018