Five St. Fratty’s Day Outfits That Scream “Take Me to Formal”


Whether you’re Irish or not, these St. Fratty’s Day outfits are the best way to say “Please take me to formal” without you having to write it on your forehead. May the odds be ever in your favor!

The Preppy Green Minnie Mouse

This outfit does all of the work for you – the preppy mini-skirt tells the world “I went to Catholic School, I’m a good girl,” while the socks and heels subtly convey that you will do coke with just a little bit of peer pressure!

The Witty Tee

If you want to seem like a chill girl who is low maintenance, then this is the outfit for you. This tee says it all – you’re funny, ironic, and DTF! Any frat guy will be able to see that you’d be an ideal blind date to bring to formal without even talking to you!

The Subtly-Not-So-Subtle Tee

If you’re looking for a way to wear an actual shirt while still reminding boys that you do, in fact, have breasts, then look no further. This tee is a perfect way to indicate that your ta-tas are ready for a weekend of Taaka, Hot Pockets, and sunburn.

The Hillary Clinton

If you’re dying to hit the beach but don’t want to sacrifice your virginity to do so, this is the outfit for you. The suit’s practical design makes it easy to dance on elevated surfaces while still giving off a festive vibe – you’ll be sure to score an invite with that guy who is “into feminism” and is “still really sad that Hillary lost the election.”

The Beard

Pair this bad boy with literally anything and you’ve got yourself a successful outfit – wear black or white or green, who gives a shit? No one will notice because they’ll be busy staring at the full mane you’ve sprouted on your face. Every closeted frat boy will be fighting each other over who gets to take you as their very own beard.

  • March 16, 2018