Eagles Members to Miss Parade After Contracting Flu From Kissing Lombardi Trophy


After an incredible Superbowl for the Eagles Sunday night, the harsh reality of flu season came back to bite the team. In the aftermath of celebration the team forgot about working together to prevent the spread of germs. Official videos after the win show several players kissing the trophy one after another as it makes its way to the stage. Dan DeRuca, the team doctor, can be seen in the background frantically screaming and attempting to stop the unhygienic tradition. In an interview after the game, DeRuca said, “the first Super Bowl win was great and all, but the moment was ruined for me seeing the team disregard hygiene during flu season.” It seems that wild Philadelphia fans celebrating throughout the city are the least of the team’s worries: a nasty bout of the flu could bring the team and the city crumbling down.

  • February 5, 2018