Top Ten Things You Didn’t Mean to Post in GroupMe


10. A Dick Pic

9. Your Dick Pic

8. A Representation of Your Dick (Based on the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer’s classic treatise The World as Will and Representation)

7. The Treatment to Your XXX Porn Parody of Law and Order: SVU (Produced by “Dick” Wolf and starring “Richard” Belzer)

6. A Shriveled Yet Surprisingly Girthy Cucumber

5. Idk, something phallic? Write it your damn self, you lazy consumerist swine.

4. A pencil

3. Donald Trump, amiright?!? #Resistance #boycottvanityfair #cheetoincharge

2. That #BDSisrael-approved map on your step-dad’s dick that your rabbi doesn’t want to talk about.

1. The end of Lost.

  • February 5, 2018