Student Unable to Find Dell Charger to Borrow


Wilson Hall– At 9:27 am Tuesday, sophomore Meredith Hauser’s Dell laptop gave a final blinking light and request for power before dying right in the middle of her quiz.

Hauser had just enough time to grab her laptop before rushing from her Morgan suite to her class in Wilson. Reports say that Hauser simply had not plugged her laptop in the night before, nor had she brought her charger to class.

“None of my professors let us have our laptops out in class,” Hauser explained, “so I never worried about charging my laptop before since I never bring it. And I was too tired and in too big of a rush to grab my charger.”

Hauser came up with a solution on the spot, hoping to capitalize on the generosity of her peers. She looked around the room, sure that one of her 76 peers could lend her a charger.

“Hey, could I please borrow your charger?” she whispered to classmate Sarah Morrison, “I kinda forgot to charge my laptop and it died.”

“Sure, no problem!” her peer said, and pulled out a long white cord.

Hauser sadly thanked her friend but explained that she couldn’t use a Mac charger.

Her hopes dropped as she looked around to see only glowing apples on the back of laptops, until finally she saw another Windows user. However, her efforts were in vain for it was an HP while she had a Dell.

Hauser had to turn in her online quiz that afternoon, once she could revive her Dell Inspiron in her dorm.  

“I thought Dell was a super popular brand,” she commented in confusion to the interviewer. “It’s not like I have like an Acer or something! Surely someone has a Dell, right?” she asked the reporter, who hummed in sympathy and continued to type her comments on a MacBook Air.

Meredith could last be seen in physics lab asking in vain to borrow a Samsung phone charger.

  • January 15, 2018