Inauguration Drinking Game


Our 45th President is being sworn into office tomorrow, and there’s no better way to celebrate than by drinking far more than you should. Good luck.

Take a Drink Every Time:

  • You ask, “Who is this?” when they introduce a performer

  • You see Mike Pence

  • You hear “Make America Great Again”

  • You see a woman frowning

  • They mention a women’s march

  • Trump talks about “destroying opponents”

  • Another Democratic lawmaker adds “boycotted inauguration” to their 2018 campaign

  • Trump drags Buzzfeed

  • Trump tweets during the inauguration

  • An old republican nominee arrives

  • You see an unqualified cabinet member

  • You see Obama looking sad with the fortune of our country

  • Trump’s tiny son looks so confused and lost

  • You hear poor grammar

  • Trump hugs Ivanka and accidentally touches her butt

  • They show something in the military

  • You see someone crying

  • You see Satan in the crowd

  • You notice how small Trump’s hands are

Finish your drink if:

  • There’s a public protest on screen

  • RBG falls asleep

  • Ben Carson falls asleep

  • You cry

  • You cheer

Chug while Trump takes the oath of office

Take a shot if:

  • Trump dances with Ivanka instead of his wife

  • Hillary appears

  • Kanye is onscreen

  • Trump closes with “You’re fired”

Finally, drink an entire colt 45 in honor of the 45th President. Congrats! You successfully celebrated the peaceful transition of power. 


  • January 20, 2017