Silicon Valley Review Season 3 Episode 7


This week’s episode, “To Build a Better Beta,” is not the story of a triumphant return to campus of Greek organization. Richard feels like the beta of Pied Piper is not ready for release to the public, but after a solid dose of peer pressure, he acquiesces to the rest of the crew.

While all of this is going on, Ehrlich and Bighead are facing bankruptcy. While Bighead is taking it awkwardly and comically, Ehrlich becomes depressed and a shell of himself. He attempts to find an answer that lies with their former business manager pushing about $6 million around elsewhere. But, after taking the case to a District Attorney, she not only tells him it’s an unwinnable case, but that she’ll threaten to go after him if he can’t pay back his debts from the party. Legal blue balls at its finest. Ehrlich’s only option is to sell his shares in Pied Piper—right before it actually goes to market and could grow in value exponentially.

The team releases the beta and is greeted with rave reviews from everyone except for Monica. Her opinion matters most to Richard, and her disapproval means a lot to him—but not enough to stop him from going forward with pushing up the launch date of the actual platform in light of the other positive reviews. A classic example of a male-dominated society. Do the opinions of women not matter? Gender commentary to come later.

The episode ends with Richard clicking and releasing the platform into the cruel, cruel world. Predictions? Something will inevitably go wrong—can’t wait for Richard’s socially awkward freak-out. Ehrlich will figure out a way to return to prominence within Pied Piper, getting his shares back and the riches that (hopefully) come along with it. Gavin Belson will get back at Pied Piper for frying his entire network after Gilfoyle unleashed a bug in it to punish him for getting his hands on a beta.

All in all a sappy, feel good episode with no bongs and no controversy besides Dinesh and Gilfoyle trying to figure out whom to give their beta invitations to because they have no friends. Nerds!

  • June 9, 2016