Silicon Valley Season 3 Episode 3 (No spoilers) (jk, spoilers)


Despite what most viewers (including myself) must have thought through the first 5/6th of the episode, Ehrlich’s bong count for the season managed to double to 6 this week.  While Ehrlich was #420blazingit the rest of the cast was coughing up or pouring shots of Pappy back in the bottle like the true geeds they definitely were in college. Even though that sounds like fun, this week was filled with nothing but more tension between Richard and the Engineers (album coming soon) and Jack Barker. The technology in a box that Barker is pushing for pushes Richard to go over his head to Laurie Bream to try and right the wrong. Despite this, Bream looks to the outward public appearance of the company and what would come along with firing another CEO in two months—a true corporate sheep move. What’s next? Is she going to announce she’s going back to school to major in HOD and work in investment banking at Bank of America?
    I digress, Richard, Dinesh, Gilfoyle, and Jared take matters in their own hands after Bream doesn’t come through. They hatch a plan to continue the development of their middle-out technology, a technology that is now available to a major competitor who is trying to beat Pied Piper to market with it. Richard’s lack of common sense leads him to bring all of their secret plans to work the next day, where he promptly trips, spilling the contents of their secret folder onto the floor for all of the office to see, including Barker. Think walking down the hall and you trip in front of your crush and you trip and every rash medication you’ve ever used plus every lunchbox note your mom wrote you fell to his feet– but worse.
    The episode ends with the four getting summoned to their office, leaving an enticing cliffhanger for next episode. What will happen next? Will there be more horse porn? Only time will tell!


  • May 11, 2016