Horse Goes Deep on Silicon Valley Season 2 Episode 2


The horse sex scene count (questionable if this will rise) is currently at 1 and Ehlrich’s bong-count for the season is up to 3  despite this week’s episode bringing us a decided lack of drug related humor. In fact, this week’s episode is what some might refer to as “not chill, bro.” Action Jack Barker and his conjoined triangles of success make Richard their little geometric bitch, as he has no answer to Barker’s continually changing vision of Pied Piper. Dinesh and Gilfoyle are blinded by the large desktops and gluten free waffles that are now hallmarks of any good tech company; Ehrlich deals with more incubee issues, and Jared is embroiled in an Airbnb issue: he has a squatter in his apartment.

    As with every other episode, Richard shows the public speaking skill of a pubescent boy, stumbling from one voice crack to the next while Pied Piper’s new sales team confuses and annoys him. He has now lost control over his company, bringing the episode to a climactic confrontation between Richard and Barker as Barker’s horse literally climaxes on screen (review of horse porn coming later). Richard’s vision of a company that could bring accessible Internet to people around the globe is placed behind Barker’s desires to improve stock value. Overall, this episode functions well as a Marxist criticism showing ample problems with business tycoons. Will the next episode feature a revolution of the proletariat? Probably not, but I wouldn’t mind seeing another black mass performed by Gilfoyle circa season 1.

  • May 3, 2016