Grace and Frankie, Season 2 Review


What happens when your husband of 40 years named Sol has secretly been dating his law partner Robert? For the past 20 years? And now that gay marriage is legal they want to get married? What are you supposed to do????


Well, Frankie (played by Lily Tomlin) struggles with both this question and becoming housemates at 70 with Jane Fonda’s character Grace, who seems to perpetually have a giant stick up her ass. A giant stick. A very large, very pronged, unmoving stick that affects every aspect of Grace’s pretentious personality, and makes her unbearable at times. All of the time. The personalities of Grace and Frankie are made to contrast; Grace is a pretentious former CEO who’s spent 98% of her life at a country club and seems incapable of love, while Frankie likes to live an ‘alternative’ (read: stoner) lifestyle and chooses to name her children things like Coyote and Nwabudike. She actually named them that. No wonder Coyote ended up with some mommy issues and a coke addiction.


Anyways, this season presents new challenges for Grace, Frankie, and their new messed up family. The season is filled with a sense of irony and reflection — what does it mean to be faithful to your new husband when you literally had an affair with him for 20 years? Is sleeping with your then-wife one last time a justifiable reason for him to get angry? In terms of irony and complication, this season was really fucked (sometimes literally).


Some highlights from the hilarious season two:

  • Frankie develops a yam lube for dry vaginas everywhere and demands 9 million dollars

  • Brooklyn Decker

  • June Diane Raphael’s character Brianna — she’s the baddest bitch in the land and she knows it — probably has the funniest one liners on the show. She’s like a wayyyyy cooler version of her mom, Grace. She gets on board quickly with the yam lube and all of her workplace conversations border on either bullying or nosy, ostensibly lube-based, almost harassing inquiries into her subordinates’ sex lives. It’s awesome.

  • Brooklyn Decker

  • Grace gets absolutely trashed at 12 in the afternoon after doing the nasty (can that still happen when you’re 70?) with a guy whose wife has Alzheimer’s. Like, completely shitfaced. Like, eats Frankie’s homemade cake with her bare hands, while she’s got a boy toy over. And then drunkenly tells Frankie how much of a failure she is. She’s gonna be blacklisted so fast by all the srats at the nursing home.

  • Frankie and Grace decide that lubing up some dry vaginas ~naturally~ won’t be the stopping point — it’s time to make vibrators for old mommas with arthritis!

  • Brooklyn Decker

  • Brooklyn Decker accidentally taught her 6 year old daughter to refer to her new Grandpa Sol as “this fuckin guy???”


This show is hilarious, and considers some of life’s most important questions. What happens when things don’t end up the way you thought they would? What does love really mean? How does friendship after divorce work? Why is Brooklyn Decker not the most famous woman in the world? Would you help you friend commit a peaceful suicide if they had terminal cancer? Who is the target market for yam based lube? As you get older, when is it time to stop driving so you don’t FUCKING HOLD UP TRAFFIC ANY MORE DEAR GOD???

The next time you need a new show to watch on Netflix, move this to the top of your queue. Unless you only put on Netflix when you’re having sexual relations, in that case don’t you dare put this show on. It’s too good and Jane Fonda is too old to be watching you through the screen. Gross. Have some decency.


  • May 31, 2016