Separating the Art from the Artist: Why It’s Ok to Keep Hooking Up with That Guy Who Is an Asshole to You


Don’t lie to me. You still listen to Michael Jackson and XXXTentacion. You still appreciate Picasso. You keep rewatching Pulp Fiction every time you get sad and just want to feel something again (you realize Harvey Weinstein directed that, right?). I’m just being honest about it. Great philosophers throughout the ages have said there’s value in separating the art from the artist. Aristotle himself said, “As long as you’re getting off, you can absolutely keep hooking up with that guy from your HOD class who won’t even make eye contact with you or acknowledge you in front of your peers. Let’s be honest, how many men on this campus could correctly label a diagram of the female body? Probably like four.” And I don’t know about you, but I have always looked up to Aristotle. Didn’t he teach Plato or something? I mean, how could you not trust him after that????????? 

If you think about it—really, like close your eyes with me for a second and just go along with the thought process—it is a feminist stance. I am standing in my power—as a woman—allowing myself to be treated like shit in the name of feminism, on my own terms. Here is where you may be saying: “Anonymous slant staff writer! Is this not just an expression of an avoidant attachment style in which you are avoiding real connection with people by creating a false barrier by hooking up with the same person who you know is bad for you?” To which I reply, no! It is all in the name of art! I am an art aficionado! Also—you should really consider switching majors, psychology would definitely suit you.

  • April 28, 2022