Alleged Seat Thief Detained by VUPD


NASHVILLE, TN – Authorities have detained first-year student Ben Arnold for alleged seat theft following an incident in Wilson Hall this week.  Early Monday morning, Vanderbilt University sophomore John Huff walked into Wilson Hall for his usual sociology lecture. The classroom, which holds 60 students, was about half full as Huff entered the room.

Huff had started to make his way to his usual seat, but he was shocked to see that Arnold had stolen it.

Huff told The Slant, “I just don’t understand it. I sit there every class. I was absent on Friday because I was hungover from a long night at Lonnie’s, but that doesn’t mean anyone should be taking my seat.”

VUPD apprehended Arnold following a dangerous chase as the suspect sprinted away from Wilson towards the direction of The Commons. When asked why he attempted to flee, Arnold stated that he “was just trying to get to Sutherland for [his] writing seminar.” VUPD dispatched backup officers to assist in the chase when Arnold crossed 21st Ave without waiting for the walk signal, warning backup to proceed with caution.

Meanwhile, detectives cordoned off the classroom, Wilson 132, to make sure the crime scene remained uncontaminated. Angela Williams, a sophomore in the class, told VUPD detectives she had arrived to class early that day. “[Arnold] walked in about twelve minutes before class started; the only other people there at that point were myself, one other student, and our professor. He walked in and looked around, like no one would notice that he had moved from the middle left section to the back right corner. I immediately knew something was off.”

Detectives have corroborated Huff’s account of the story, and established a credible ownership of that particular seat in the classroom. As to the motive behind the crime, detectives have stated that an exam frenzy may have been the culprit. “Come exam days, the back fills in much faster than it normally does. We’ve had a brawl or two over prime seat real estate, but no hospitalizations yet this semester,” said Professor McEntire, a 10-year veteran of the sociology department.

Arnold, allegedly one of the most notorious seat-thieves on campus, is being held at VUPD on a 4-swipe bond.


  • March 19, 2017