Malia Obama commits to Harvard Class of 2021; Says Being The President’s Daughter Gave Her “No Advantage”


Malia Obama has officially committed to Harvard University’s Class of 2021; she will matriculate in the fall of 2017, after taking a gap year to find herself. Both of Miss Obama’s parents graduated from Harvard Law School. President Obama was proud of his daughter, saying, “Malia could have attended any college she wanted; she’s brilliant, well-rounded, and earned this completely on her own merits.”

President Obama is correct. Despite attending a private high school with a ticket price that’s more expensive than most public universities (Sidwell Friends School costs $39,360, including hot lunch), Miss Obama asserts that she’s “on the same playing field as other high school seniors.”

She admitted that, yes, “the countless hours of private tutoring and the elite high school and influential parents could have made a slight difference in my admission, but really I want the world to know that I’m just the same as everybody else.”

College admissions can be very competitive, and Harvard University only accepts students of an elite caliber. On an unrelated note, Harvard also seems to accept a large number of students whose parents have won Nobel Peace Prizes, served as Presidents, or given a significant amount of money back to the school.

Interestingly, an independent study finds that the Venn diagram between elite students who earned their success completely on their own merit and descendants of famous politicians happens to be just one circle.

  • May 5, 2016