How to Have Fun as a Freshman


As a freshman, it’s only natural that you want to use your newly attained freedom to take any and all opportunities to “go out.” Really, it seems like anyone who is anyone goes out on a nightly basis (#workhardplayhard). Even if that’s not your crowd, you feel like you’re missing out if you prioritize sleep, grades, or mental health over partying and/or clubbing with your cool, hip partygoer friends.

Here are some tips to turn you into the rebel that you will desperately try to hide from your parents at breaks and future employers at interviews:

1. Befriend an upperclassman. Obtaining such a connection may require some unsavory activities, but if it gets you into a party, it’s fine. You’ll feel great once you ingest copious amounts of alcohol. At the very least, these upperclassman can help you obtain illegal materials that will make you seem cooler.

2. Go to Piranha’s. There’s a reason why literally every freshman goes to Piranha’s—to take a perfect picture for Instagram. It may be overly crowded, but it still makes for an excellent, albeit a little cliche, post. Be sure to post it early on Friday, so everyone knows where you went on Thursday night instead of doing your Gen Chem homework. Extra credit if your caption is “Great night out with the girls” or “Can’t wait for the rest of these four years.”

3. Post pictures and videos of you doing illegal things on your Snapchat (and/or Instagram/Twitter/Facebook). Taking a few hits with the boys? Post it on your story. Doing some vape tricks? Post it on your story with the fire emoji. Drinking from a keg? You know what to do—post it on your story. How else will everyone know you’re having a good time??

4. Join a sorority/fraternity. With such a high percentage of Vanderbilt’s campus involved in Greek life, you’ll be a social pariah if you don’t join in. Disregard the fact that thousands of students on Vanderbilt’s campus aren’t affiliated with Greek life, because they’re mostly not worth hanging out with. The thousands of dollars you’re paying is totally worth it (it’s your parent’s money anyways).

For the next few days, you’re certainly going to have talk about what a wild night you had out. Even if your professor is right behind you, you should brag to your acquaintances about how Brad was totally hammered last night. Aren’t you excited to do it all over again tomorrow?

  • September 18, 2017