Man Completely Changes Mind About Election after Vice Presidential Debate


Tommy Wilson was completely blown away by the Vice Presidential debate.  After watching Mike Pence and Tim Kaine duke it out on America’s second biggest stage, he knew his mind was made up. “At first I thought I was with her,” he said. “After a while, Pence convinced me that Trump didn’t say all the things I saw him say. That was a game changer.”

    Wilson was a rabid reader of all political signs well before the vice presidential debate. “I know all the slogans,” he said with a grin. “Make America Great Again and I’m With Her”.  Despite having all this knowledge, Wilson was unconvinced.  “I needed something more”.  

    Despite Kaine attacking Trump’s words and action incessantly, Wilson still was not convinced. “Kaine was just annoying.  That was a major fault of Hillary Clinton. She should have chosen a less annoying guy for the incredibly important Vice Presidential debate. Maybe if she becomes president she’ll choose more annoying people who will absolutely ruin CSPAN, America’s favorite TV station.”  

    Wilson’s change was incredible. Billy, his current neighbor and former friend, told us that Wilson had never been the same. “We used to do yoga, eat kale, and talk about our favorite species threatened by the deforestation of the Amazon together. That was before,” he said with a grimace. “Now he can’t even do a downward dog without screaming Make America Great Again”.  

    Wilson will skip the second presidential debate in order to attend a casual game of Parcheesi. “Having seen those two men debate their old white socks off, I feel like there is nothing left to learn,” he explained. “I have made up my mind.”  


  • October 19, 2016